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Influencing factors of precision residual of balancing machine


Specific detection method of electric measuring box in accuracy guarantee: the balancer enters the measurement link, unplugs the connecting plug from the sensor connection part, and looks at the value displayed by the electric measuring box, so as to investigate the zero point of the electric measuring box itself.


Refer to ISO2953 for the overall accuracy inspection method of balancing machine.



Open circuit display video of electric measuring box


The phase frequency characteristics of the electric measuring box meet the following requirements: within the working speed range of the machine, the measured unbalance amplitude change of the electric measuring box is less than the technical requirements, and the display angle change is less than the requirements. It can ensure that the balancing machine displays the same unbalance amount (quantity value and angle) at different speeds without calibration.

Engineering realization of mathematical relationship of balancing machine:



Engineering support: ensure that the sensitivity of the left and right swing frames is consistent.

Schenck adopts machining accuracy to ensure uniform stiffness

It is guaranteed by the fixed mode with the sensitivity technical index of magnetoelectric sensor -- - K1 = K2 = K



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