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 HP-15 Electrical Measurement System for  Hard bearing Balancer

HP-15-Computer   Electrical Measurement System for  Hard bearing Balancer

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In 2019, the software was upgraded again, which accelerated the speed of balanced signal measurement. Analog signal 24Vp-p pre-filter.

HP-15 Electrical Measurement System Double System HP-15+BL-15V

It can be matched with hard support, soft support, vertical and single-side balancer, computer-based general electrical measurement system.

External interface of steering switch is added to make matching balancer have dual steering function

Increase compensation function, can electronically correct fixture offset error, and key compensation function

The HP-15 electrical test system is a hard bear balancing machine dedicated computer:
This is a permanent calibration type hard bearing balance electromechanical measurement system
Rotors of different shapes and weights do not need to be recalibrated. The magnitude and angle of the unbalance value can be measured at one start.
The dynamic balance data has five groups of displays, which can visually see the factory state and the static balance value.
Only need to start once. The parameters can be input after the measurement.
Display: TFT color monitor
Interface: a tf, an SD, output electronic report

Measuring circuit and basic system:
-Speed ​​pulse signal directly enters the computer - Vibration analog signal adopts CPU synchronous high-speed sampling mode
- Dynamic imbalance measurement of two planes, or static and moment imbalance measurement, 2 support level values
  Automatic comparison with tolerances ---
- Balance Accuracy Calculator
- polarity indication, value and vector display
- Measured average based on time
- Electronic Balance Report (series or individual)
-make up
- Automatic self-test when the system is turned on - Unbalance amount measurement range: 100000-1000000
- Accuracy: Within the range of connected mechanical components
- Speed ​​range: 80-2500 rpm (specially expandable 20--100000rpm)
- Power supply: Transformer power supply (185-230V +15% -20% / 50-60HZ)




HP-16 Electrical measuring instrument for Balancing machine

(Since 2016)

Manual for  HP-16 Measurement System for Balancing Machine

   HP-16 hard bearing balancing machine computer electrical measurement instrument is a balanced machine dedicated computer: high reliable industrial computer chip circuit, direct 220VAC power supply, strong anti-interference, adaptation to unstable power supply conditions, for the unstable speed can also be measured. Software vector solution measurement data, large font digital display. Overall 4 digit display input parameters, a key indicator of static balance, can be set parameters of the data stability.

The measured data can be processed and processed after shutdown: the different parameters can be transformed, and the measured results are more consistent with the actual measurement results. The operator if you need other parameters of the solution results, you can enter the corresponding parameters, the corresponding calculation results. Once again change the calculation parameters, the same can be directly obtained after the change of the calculation results. No need to boot the measurement again.

Automatic (or manual) memory while driving the engine shutdown function, customer self calibration function, recovery of the factory calibration function, sensor signal line fault judgment and indication function.

      Compensation function
Simple Compensation: V-V0 is used to compensate the inherent unbalance value of fixture
Secondary compensation: 2 transposition compensation (V0 + V180) for correction compensation of different centers of fixture
3-transposition compensation (V0+V120+V240) for fixture 3-position correction compensation
5-transposition compensation (V0+V72+V144+V216+V288) for fixture 5-position correction compensation
Key Compensation: (V0-V1) K% for Quality Correction of Driving Keys in Batch Production
Correction operation method of bending process mandrel:
When the balance process shaft is used for a long time, it will bend. When the bending degree is greater than 0.05 mm, the balance result can not meet the technological requirements.
Install the improver and start the machine to measure the unbalance. If the magnitude is too large and the correction is small, press the "initial unbalance button". After the data is stable, press the "storage key". After the shutdown, turn the rotor over 180 degrees relative to the process axis, slowly start the balancer, press the "180 degrees unbalance button" and press it after the data is stable. Storage key. Then press "secondary compensation 2" to compensate for 2 transposition. Such measurement results will eliminate the errors caused by the bending of the balance axis.











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