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RCD - 100 drive shaft balancing machine

 (RCD - 100A drive shaft balancing machine 3 or 4-axis correction )


 This machine is a dedicated drive shaft balancing machine for 3--100 kg balance shaft technology.

 The machine uses an infinite position measuring sensor speed sensor, it has the overload capability, high sensitivity, the study and durable.

 The machine rotor mounted removable card is the right way of supporting frame can be fitted to achieve a higher speed card.  Right quick swing frame with manual locking mechanism.

 The operation of the machine: manual start, automatic measurement memory, timing shutdown.

The measurements show that the native way of balancing machine with SP-type digital gauge.


After testing, the linearity of the swing frame of the machine is 1200rpm-4000rpm, and the error is less than 2%.

Type BL-16V Dynamic balancing machine General computer measurement system

Technical Specifications SPECIFICATION

 Shaft of the quality range of Mass of workpieces 3 -100 kg

 The maximum length of the shaft   2400 mm

 Check the appropriate shaft should be suitable sensitivity ratio1 -5 G . cm

 Balancing machine speed range : 1700, 3400, 2400, (4800) rpm

Power supply 380v 50hz 3ph

 Power Motor rating 2.2/3kw

 Overall the machine (L * W * H) Dimension (L * W * H)

Host Mainframe 3600 600 1100mm

 Electronic measuring and Control cabinet   500 500 1100mm

 (RCD - 100A drive shaft balancing machine 3 or 4-axis correction )

Five swing frame joint axis correction is to solve the "face gear shaft," the only way to balance

  Multi-section shaft balance: the need for more surface electrical measurement signal switching system, a number of swing frame.   As with face gear transmission torque advantage, so now many of the trucks using this structure, drive shaft, but do not face the same tooth structure of concentricity, so the use of a single balanced way can not solve its balance, only to imitate balanced approach to their working conditions before they can solve their vibration, bad sleeve (center support bearing) problem.

 Turn     Speed

      Diameter of the workpiece by the workpiece quality and speed options to consider when balancing the drag motor power and carrying capacity of supporting frame, so the balance should be noted that the workpiece speed selection balance: a balance shaft speed of light vehicle selection 2400, 3400RPM, heavier transmission axis (> 50 kg) choose 1700RPM Working speed of 4800RPM balancing machine is mainly used for short-time work test shaft, drive shaft of the process is generally not used for balance.


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