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YYQ-160 The Hard Bearing Balancer

(With Belt drive)

The Y series of balancing machine , is an ideal versatile for rotors of different types .

It`s easy operation. Legible reading , high efficiency ,and to be suitable motor ,fan ,crank shaft machine etc.




 Mass of workpieces       10--160kg

 Max.diameter of workpieces   1100mm

 Journal diameter of workpieces 10--90mm

 Distance between two bearing supports of workpieces journal 1500 mm

 Balancing speed (when the diament of driving rotor is 100mm) 600--1850 r/min

 Min.achievable residual unbalance (emar)    +0.5g.mm/kg

 Power supply     380v 50hz 3ph

 Motor rating     0.85/1.1kw

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