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Type YFW - 16000 fan impeller balancing machine

1, Overview

 YFW-16000-type impeller balancing machine is factory designed for the manufacture of wind turbine manufacturing industry as a balancing machine.

 This machine is designed for the horizontal, hard bearing, universal joint drive, axial movement of the spindle system

  (For safe operation must: be the first large-scale demolition of universal Festival rotor lifting rotor)

 Measurement vector solvers computer, digital display form.  This machine has the following characteristics:

 A: computer measurement system in digital display, can be directly read out the emphasis on (light) of the size (kg or g), phase (degrees).

Automatically avoid zero --- r1, r1, b non-zero function of three parameters.  With unbalance measuring system self-test function and memory.

 B: measurement system uses a computer electrical measuring circuit, high reliability and easy maintenance.

 C: electrical test box of the core circuit is related to tracking bandpass filter with good filtering and frequency tracking performance.

 As a result of automatic bandwidth switching circuit, a reasonable solution to the electrical box measuring rapid response and stability of the contradiction between

   To measure the electrical box has excellent low speed performance.

 D: User optional printer, print to achieve balanced results in real time.  The formation of A4 paper format of the test report card.

 E: The electromechanical transducer device using piezoelectric sensors, because there is no mechanical movement, so the failure rate is very low.

 And low-speed performance (minimum speed the machine up to 60 rev / min).

 F: In addition to a common horizontal characteristics of hard-bearing balancing machines, but also the balance of specific characteristics of the fan impeller is given two important parameters.

 First, the maximum balance of the rotor diameter 4200 mm (42 fan impeller);

    Second, the maximum rotor mass 20,000 kg, ensures the highest sensitivity for detection of most of the native size of the impeller.

 G: low-speed performance.  Minimum operating speed of 60 rev / min.  Energy, security.

 H:Added new software Turned positive and negative features.

Basic parameters and main technical performance indicators

.     : Operating parameters:

.1    Quality range of workpiece     800 16 ' 000kg

.2    Each support frame to accidental overloading of gravity can be 10'000 kg

.3    Maximum diameter of the workpiece           4'200   mm 

.4    The scope of the workpiece supporting journal      90 to 320 (500)mm 

.5    Maximum supported length          7'900mm  (Negotiable)

.6    Motor parameters Maximum speed of 1480 rev / min(vvvf)75 KW

.7    Balancing speed Sub-file variable speed (motor speed gearbox complete): 60 ~ 1000 r / min


 2.2.0 The main performance specifications

 2.2.1 The minimum achievable residual unbalance    emar 2g.mm/kg

 2.2.2 unbalance reduction ratio URR 90%

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