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Special rotor balance process

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Special rotor balance process

Large low-speed rotor balance:


Cement mill wind machine rotor

  Must have a larger drag power, low speed measurement capability of the electrical measurement system, a relatively clean electromagnetic environment. For example: large mineral mill rotor (diameter greater than 4 meters) and so on.

YYW-16000A Balancing Machine


   (Low speed balancing machine, 7 meters large diameter) low speed balancing machine below 80 rev / min, large diameter balancing machine 7000mm

   Large-scale balance machine out of safety considerations, when used to improve the operational safety considerations, do not shoot the forehead to use, to be clear rotor operating parameters are not within the scope of work! ! !

  It's manual with a complete design parameter icon, it has more than one parameter chart. These are the basics of how a technician using a balancing machine must know it.


   Features: Drive power to consider the user's rotor to determine the specific circumstances, rather than ask the user how much power.

To get the user's maximum rotor parameters, balancing machine manufacturers calculate how much drive power can meet the needs of the measurement.

   Balancing machine drive power and measurement system has a cross-parameter, that is, measuring speed, and drive speed.

If your measuring system starts measuring at 200 rpm then your drive system will meet this requirement.

    For example: A fan of 2000kw If the working speed is 500rpm, then it runs to 200rpm when it is 128kw.

While 140rpm is 43.9kw

    Therefore, a measurement system that can measure low speed is a prerequisite for a large fan balancing machine.


1 drive power larger.

2 Measurement speed is low 80 rpm Start measurement

3 larger working diameter (fan features).

4 Heavy duty balancing machine (greater than 10 tons) must meet the maximum contact pressure conditions of the workpiece axis (to meet the positive pressure direction of the elastic working range, in order to avoid contact with the surface fatigue damage). That is, the work of the wheel diameter must be large enough to ensure that the contact area is large enough. Otherwise it will hurt the customer's product axis (fatigue crush, crush with plastic deformation).

5 Overload capacity larger (twice), the overall stiffness of the cast steel measured, the linearity to maintain more than twice the maximum mass.

6 has a braking function, especially a large balancing machine. Large rotor inertia parking will continue around 20 minutes. Braking function can be within 1-3 minutes parking.

7 large-scale balancing machine with multi-stage gearbox (4-5 deceleration of 6 times or more)

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Small fan rotor balance

Axial force generated when the fan rotor rotates, so the use of belt-driven mode balance will produce axial force, the balance of interference difficult to meet the requirements of precision. At the same time the efficiency of the process is relatively low.

YYW-30-type balancing machine is the latest design and manufacture of a high-efficiency small size balancing machine.

This machine is mainly to solve the problem of dynamic balance of small fan to meet the production specifications of the factory.

The special small-size universal joint structure solves the problem of the universal joint of the small rotor.

YYW-30-type balancing machine

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Very small high-speed rotor balance:

Electro-measurement technology that requires very low electromagnetic noise, as well as soft support small balance machines. Such as dental drill rotor, small DC motor rotor and so on.

    RYQ-5-type soft-bearing precision balancing machines

   The measuring mechanism of this machine is the same as that of the old-style soft support balancer, which is completely redesigned and improved from mechanical structure and electrical measuring system, and the durability of the machine is greatly improved.

  Support: Soft support structure is simple, stable performance. The use of speed sensor, no lateral sensitivity, less demanding on the limit, making the operation requirements simple and quick. The structure is compact, solid and reliable, and its mechanical model is reasonable. The actual imbalance of the rotor can be truly reflected by the support frame and the sensor. And this is exactly the most basic part to ensure the measurement accuracy of the balance machine. Balance can be intuitive to use hand to feel the state.

   Small rotor balance is more troublesome, soft support mode is the closest operating mode, almost working speed measurement. Therefore, high-precision balance is best to soft support mode.

   In recent years, the market decline of the soft support balancer is due to the high structural failure rate of the machine. Now we have designed an ultra-low failure rate rack.

Site balance:

Some rotors can only be balanced on site, requiring a field balancer, as well as a skilful operating experience of the field balancing process. For example: Do not disassemble the fan rotor. Test Method Reference ------ Mechanical vibration reasons


Multi-section drive shaft balance:

   Need to have multiple signal switching electrical measurement system, a number of swing frame. Due to the advantages of big torque of face teeth, many trucks now use such a structure of the drive shaft, but the end tooth structure should not be consistent concentricity, so the use of a single balance can not solve the balance of the problem, only imitation The balance of their working conditions before they can solve the vibration, rotten rubber sleeve (intermediate support bearing) problem.

    Five pendulum four-axis coupling, which is to solve the "face gear drive shaft" the only way to balance the issue.

High-speed rotor balance:

  Need flexible balance technology, electrical measurement system using the influence coefficient method to solve. For example: chemical industry with high-speed compressor.

Equivalent block rotor balance:

  Need to have a multi-faceted electrical measurement system, at the same time can be fixed vector solution. For example: engine crankshaft balancing process.

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