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(1), overview
With the development of modern industry, high precision and high speed rotating machinery, to eliminate the vibration of the machine has become increasingly important for rotating machinery (such as motor, blower, diesel engine, automobile, aircraft), the vibration of rotating components will directly affect the efficiency of the machine, the machine life and personal safety. Don't move the balance is one of the main reason of rotating machinery vibration, so in order to effectively solve the problem of the vibration of the machine, the rotary body (hereinafter referred to as the rotor dynamic balance test) is one of the essential technical measures.
Hard bearing balancing machine is a universal balancing machine model has been developed rapidly in recent years, the use of a relatively wide range, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple operation, intuitive display, rapid measurement, good stability, is a kind of dynamic balancing equipment is more advanced, dynamic balancing is suitable for all kinds of rotating parts, this series of balancing machines become more and more popular with users of the products.
YFW-10000 type fan impeller balancing machine is a kind of balancing machine designed specially for fan manufacturing industry. This machine is designed for horizontal hard bearing, universal joint drive, digital display, etc.. The machine has the following characteristics:
A: measurement system can use digital display, can be directly read out the weight (light) the amount of the size (kg or g), phase (degree). Also has the unbalanced quantity memory and the measurement system self checking function.
B: the measurement system uses a novel circuit and a reasonable structure of the layout. Linear and digital integrated circuits are all standard series dual in-line package of international general domestic production, data transmission relay adopts program-controlled switches relays, high reliability, convenient maintenance.
C: the core circuit of the electric measuring box is the tracking band-pass correlation filter, which has good filtering and frequency tracking performance. Due to the adoption of the automatic bandwidth switching circuit, the contradiction between the fast response and the stability of the electric measuring box is reasonably solved.
D: This machine mechanical and electrical energy conversion device using piezoelectric sensor, because there is no mechanical motion, so the failure rate is very low, and low speed performance is good (the minimum speed of the machine can be up to 60 rpm).
E: in addition to the general characteristics of the horizontal hard bearing balancing machine, but also specifically for the balance of the fan impeller characteristics given 2 important parameters. First, the maximum balance of the rotor diameter of 3500 mm (35 fan impeller); second, the maximum rotor weight of 10000 kg, can be guaranteed to detect the maximum sensitivity of the vast majority of the size of the machine's impeller.
F: low speed performance is good. Minimum operating speed 60 rev / min. Energy saving and safety.
The computer vector is used to calculate the measured data, and the digital display form. This machine has
Following characteristics:

1: the computer measurement system with digital display, can be read directly
(light) the amount of the amount of (kg or g), phase (degree).
Auto avoid zero ---r1, r1, b, three parameters can not be set to zero function. Self checking work with unbalanced quantity memory and measurement system
2: measuring system using the computer electrical testing circuit, high reliability, easy maintenance.
3: the core circuit of the electric measuring box is the tracking band-pass correlation filter, which has good filtering and frequency tracking.
Due to the adoption of the automatic bandwidth switching circuit, the fast response and the stability of the electric measuring box are solved reasonably.
Contradiction between,
The electric measuring box has excellent low speed performance.
4: users can choose the printer, to achieve the balance of the results of real-time printing. Test report form a single A4 format.

(2) basic parameters and main technical performance index
2.1    working parameters:
2.1.1 workpiece quality range 300 ~  10000 kg
         Accidental overloading of

2.1.2 each bearing 6000' kg
2.1.3 the maximum diameter of the workpiece  3500 mm
2.1.4 workpiece support shaft neck range 60 ~ 320 mm
2.1.6 maximum support length 4 '300 mm (or 8000mm)
2.1.7 motor parameters 80-1200    vvvt   45KW
2.1.8 balance work speed stepless speed regulation: minimum 80 - Top 1200 rpm
         Selection of working speed of

2.1.9 balancing machine

The selection and balance of quality, speed of workpiece diameter, motor power, support capacity and rotor resistance etc..
Two speed limit parameters for the machine:


A:Rigidity and Strength Limit of Swing Frame                                    GN21.3109Kg/min2
B:Limit and Threshold of Motor Driving Capability
GD2N2(P/A)╳(n3/q)(1/ min3
C: fan rotor resistance limit value

2.2 key performance indicators
2.2.1 minimum achievable residual unbalance Emar
                                            Emar = 2g.mm/kg
2.2.2 unbalance reduction rate of URR is more than or equal to 90%




HP-16 Electrical measuring instrument for Balancing machine

(Since 2016)

Manual for  HP-16 Measurement System for Balancing Machine

   HP-16 hard bearing balancing machine computer electrical measurement instrument is a balanced machine dedicated computer: high reliable industrial computer chip circuit, direct 220VAC power supply, strong anti-interference, adaptation to unstable power supply conditions, for the unstable speed can also be measured. Software vector solution measurement data, large font digital display. Overall 4 digit display input parameters, a key indicator of static balance, can be set parameters of the data stability.

The measured data can be processed and processed after shutdown: the different parameters can be transformed, and the measured results are more consistent with the actual measurement results. The operator if you need other parameters of the solution results, you can enter the corresponding parameters, the corresponding calculation results. Once again change the calculation parameters, the same can be directly obtained after the change of the calculation results. No need to boot the measurement again.

Automatic (or manual) memory while driving the engine shutdown function, customer self calibration function, recovery of the factory calibration function, sensor signal line fault judgment and indication function.

 Compensation and correction method for process mandrel and electric measuring box with bending damage:

When the balance process shaft is used for a long time, it will bend. When the bending degree is greater than 0.05 mm, the balance result can not meet the technological requirements.

If the value is too large to correct the unbalance, press the "initial unbalance key", press the "storage key" after the data is stable, turn the rotor over 180 degrees relative to the process axis after shutdown, slowly start the balancer, press the "180 degrees unbalance key" and press the "storage key" after the data is stable. Then press "secondary compensation 2" to compensate for 2 transposition. Such measurement results will eliminate the errors caused by the bending of the balance axis.



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