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 This machine is a permanent hard support balancing machine-----

It is not necessary to recalibrate rotors with different shapes and weights. The magnitude and angle of unbalance can be measured at one start.


Yfw-160 fan impeller balancing machine is a kind of balance machine specially designed and manufactured by our factory for the fan manufacturer.

The machine is designed as horizontal hard support and universal joint transmission.

This machine can fully meet all the specifications of the General balancing machine, only check the special technical parameters and safety parameters according to the large diameter and large inertia. This machine can run safely and frequently for a long time and operate with high intensity.

The mechanical system parameters of the machine are optimized according to its frequent start-up.

Meet the technical requirements of JBT9101-2014 fan rotor balance:

It is also feasible and operable for the balance of externally suspended rotors.

Data memory and after shutdown can see the static balance value, and even balance value.

This machine adopts hp16 hard support balancing machine. The computer electrical measuring system is a special computer system for permanent standard setting. The core sampling CPU is a 32-bit industrial computer, which can be used for high-speed dynamic AC sampling. The digital optimized dynamic filtering of parameters can be set.

In the use of balancing machine, there is an efficient working mode: it is not necessary to recalibrate rotors with different shapes and weights, and the magnitude and angle of unbalance can be measured at one start.

It only needs to start once, and the parameters can be input after measurement

As long as you measure the data stably, press the memory key to memorize the data. Then the customer needs different calculation results, you can input the corresponding a, B, C, R1, R2 parameters, and get the corresponding calculation results immediately. Moreover, the calculation parameters can be changed at any time, and the calculation results after change can be obtained directly.

It is possible to input even parameters, such as R1 A, B, R2, C, and so on. It can also be input later or modified at any time. The electric measuring box will change the value corresponding to the new parameter at any time.

SD card or TF card is used to store the test result report. 1000 report records, and report records. It can be flexibly moved to PC for direct report printing,

The mechanical and electrical energy exchange device of this machine adopts piezoelectric sensor. Since there is no mechanical movement, the failure rate is very low, and the low-speed performance is good (the minimum speed of the machine can reach 80 RPM). The measurement part of the balance machine adopts the closed type force sensor, which has the advantages of non-collision, high sensitivity, durability and good low-speed measurement performance. In addition to the characteristics of general horizontal hard support balancing machine, three important parameters are given for the balance characteristics of fan impeller.  

First, the maximum balance rotor diameter is 1100 mm

Second, it adopts 4 kW motor and vector inverter control.

Third, the maximum rotor mass is 160 kg, which can ensure that most of the dimensions can be detected with the highest sensitivity, which is suitable for the impeller of the machine.

These three parameters determine the wide adaptability of the machine in the fan manufacturing industry.

For detailed description of the machine, please refer to the operation manual of yfw-160 balancing machine, and the main technical parameters are as follows:

1. Rotor mass range: 3-160 kg

2. Maximum rotor diameter 1100 mm

3. Maximum bearing shaft diameter 10 -- 90 mm

4. Maximum supporting length: 1 900 mm

5. Balance working speed 100-1500 rpm

6. Minimum attainable residual unbalance: 1 g.mm/kg

7. Reduction rate of primary unbalance 90% 

8. Motor power: 4 kW

9. Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz



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