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Measuring system of HP-15


Instruction manual of HP-15 electric measuring system

Instruction manual of HP-15 electric measuring system2


The easiest way to operate

The computer permanent calibration electric measuring system of HP-15 hard bearing balancing machine

(single interface displays all contents and own all software and hardware intellectual property rights)

In 2019, the software was upgraded again, accelerating the speed of balance signal measurement. The analog signal is pre filtered by 24vp-p.

HP-15 electric measuring system double system HP-15 + BL-15v

It can match with hard support, soft support, vertical, single-sided balancing machine and computer-based general electric measuring system

Add the external interface of steering switch, so that the matching balancer has double steering function

Add compensation function, electronic correction of fixture offset error and key compensation function

2018 system upgrade: press the composite key - HP-15 can be switched to bl-15v dynamic balancing machine full vector calculation general computer measurement system, and press the composite key again to return to HP-15 hard support mode


HP-15 hard support balancing machine system will be used automatically after startup. Start the balancing machine to carry out dynamic balancing measurement. After memorizing the data, stop the machine, and then input the supporting parameters for automatic calculation.

This is the simplest balancing machine measuring instrument, which can learn to operate in a short time and will not forget its operation method after a long time.

The purpose of our product design is to facilitate the use of the model, not because the use of computer technology to make the product show a strong computer flavor, it is a machine for working people to use. Without memorizing so many passwords, you can learn to operate in 10 minutes, and people in the same workshop can use them.

Our product design has been finalized through the repeated modification of the production line practice, and we are still continuing to optimize and upgrade.



HP-15 hard support balancing machine computer intelligent electrical measurement system is a special computer for balancing machine:

This is a permanent standard mechanical and electrical measuring system of hard support balance

The rotor with different shape and weight does not need to be recalibrated. The magnitude and angle of the unbalance can be measured at one start.

There are five groups of dynamic balance data display, which can directly see the factory status and static balance value.

It only needs to start once. Parameters can be input in time after measurement

Display: TFT color monitor

Interface: one TF, one SD, output electronic report
Measuring circuit and basic system:

pulse signa
l enters computer directly - Vibration analog signal adopts CPU synchronous high speed sampling mode



After one factory calibration, it meets the following requirements:

All signals of the balancing machine can be calculated: the amplitude frequency characteristics of the electric measuring box meet the following requirements

Display value changes less than required

The amplitude frequency characteristic of the soft support speed sensor signal is the first power of the angular frequency ω,     v = K1 * ω

The amplitude frequency characteristic of the signal of the hard supported piezoelectricity sensor is the quadratic of the angular frequency ω,     v = K2 * ω 2

The amplitude frequency characteristic of the signal of the hard support speed sensor is the third power of the angular frequency ω,     v = K3 * ω 3

  The phase frequency characteristics of the electric measuring box meet the following requirements: within the working speed range of the machine, the measured unbalanced amplitude of the electric measuring box changes little, and the displayed angle changes less than the requirements

It ensures that the balancer displays the same amount of unbalance (magnitude and angle) at different speeds without calibration.  

-Dynamic imbalance measurement of two planes, or static and moment imbalance measurement, two support position values

Automatic comparison with tolerance---

-Balance accuracy calculator

-Polarity indication, value and vector display

-Average of measurements based on time

-Electronic balance report (series or single)

- compensation

-Automatic self test when the system is turned on - unbalance measurement range: 100000-1000000

-Accuracy: within the range of connecting mechanical components

-Speed range: 80-2500 RPM (special expandable 20-1000000rpm)

-Power supply: transformer power supply (185-230v + 15% - 20% / 50-60Hz)

This is the simplest balance machine measuring instrument with high reliability, industrial computer chip circuit, strong anti-interference, suitable for unstable power supply conditions, and it can also be used to measure unstable speed. The circuit structure with the least hardware processing analog signals. Two analog signals adopt synchronous sampling mode. The hardware of pulse circuit has only one level input buffer circuit. The software solves the measurement data of vector, and displays the figure and figure of vector. Comprehensive 4-digit digital display input parameters, static balance quantity display, sensor quantity display, data stability function of settable parameters. The application of the latest computer technology, high-speed dynamic sampling, comprehensive vector solution, a new hardware structure.

It can process the memorized measurement data after the main engine stops: it can transform different parameters to get more practical measurement results. If the operator needs the solution results of other parameters, he can input the corresponding parameters and get the corresponding solution results immediately. By changing the calculation parameters again, the calculation results after the change can also be obtained directly. No need to turn on the machine again for measurement.

Automatic (or manual) memory drives the main engine shutdown function, customer self calibration function, and restores the factory calibration function.

The electronic documents of test result report and report record can be output to SD card or TF card.

The measurement data is calculated by computer software vector, and the whole interface is in the form of digital and graphic display. The machine has the following features:

Start the machine to directly measure the dynamic balance data, input or modify the parameters such as the support mode of abcr2r1 after stopping the machine (the input parameters have the same effect before and after starting the machine), and the electric measuring box will automatically recalculate the separation results.

Automatically judge that the measured data is stable and effective. If the data is stable, the electric measuring box will automatically memorize it.

3. In case of power failure, retain the last memorized data: restart the machine --- the electric measuring box displays the last memorized measurement data.



4. The computer measurement system can directly read the size (kg or G) and phase (degree) of the heavy (light) weight in the form of digital and graphic display.  

Store the input parameters of 99 rotors.  

6. After the data is memorized, the main engine can be automatically driven to stop.

7. Balance accuracy calculator, input the rotor operation parameters (using speed and mass) to calculate the residual unbalance value under the standard balance level.

8. Self test function of measurement system.

9. The magnification of the automatic control system is convenient for some process requirements requiring fast operation Automatic matching of left and right sensors solves the problem of left and right swing frame asymmetry, which makes the linear working range of balancing machine larger.

10. It can solve the balance problem of non ideal rotor.

11. It can be calibrated according to the sequence of program entry, and the influence coefficient can be calculated automatically.


13. Apply the latest computer technology, high-speed dynamic sampling, comprehensive vector solution and new hardware structure.

Use the latest 32-bit CPU industrial computer chip, high-speed dynamic sine function sampling, digital dynamic filtering of parameters can be set.

Adopt AC sampling to avoid zero interference in theory.

16 reference signal: it adopts the computer direct processing mode, so it exceeds the speed range limit of the PLL circuit, and can completely cover the speed range that can exist in the mechanical operation.

17 test result report: SD card or TF card is used for storage. 1000 report records and report records It can be flexibly moved to PC for direct report printing,

You do not need to change the format. You can edit or not. Because of the txt file output, you can also see the report content on the phone.

Super wide working speed


Add compensation function in 2019


 Compensation function

Simple compensation: "v-v0" is used to compensate the inherent unbalance value of the fixture

Secondary compensation: 2 transposition compensation (V0 + V180) used for correction compensation of different center values of fixture
  3 rotation compensation (V0 + V120 + V240)? For fixture 3 fixed positioning correction compensation

  5 rotation compensation (V0 + V72 + v144 + v216 + v288) is used for fixture 5 fixed positioning correction compensation

Key compensation: ((v0-v1) k% (?) used for mass production drive key quality correction

Correction operation method of bent process mandrel:

When the balance process shaft is used for a long time, it will bend. When the curvature is greater than 0.05mm, the balance result can not meet the process requirements.

Install the rotor and start the machine to measure the unbalance. If the value is too large and the correction is smaller, press the "initial unbalance key". After the data is stable, press the "storage key". After the machine stops, turn the rotor 180 degrees relative to the process axis, slowly start the balancer, press the "180 degrees unbalance key" and press the "storage key" after the data is stable. Then press "secondary compensation 2" to carry out 2 transposition compensation. Such measurement results will eliminate the error caused by the bending of the balance shaft.


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