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Hard bearing balance balancing electromechanical measurement and mechanical introduction

 Balancing machine is used for testing the instrument

  From an experimental point of view, each balancing machine, you need to evaluate the measurement of each frame interference signal to noise ratio. Recently, some disturbances about the rack were obtained by using specialized measurement methods based on the theoretical mechanics of the rack.

  Equipped with a matching sensor function is a permanent calibration guarantee: the design mode of the foreign balancing machine: the signal-based manufacturing method to achieve signal consistency (the sensitivity of each sensor has a consistency requirements), the wobble of the interference signal to noise ratio is determined by the structure Relatively high and designed. We now have most of the domestic sensor signal indicators because there is no control process in the manufacturing process of the sensitivity parameters of the process, as well as mechanical structure design interference signal to noise ratio is very poor. And the electrical measurement system has not joined the matching sensor calculation mode. So it will cause the calibration factor to not cover the scope of work. For a change in the form of a large rotor have to re-calibration. Has long lost the characteristics of permanent calibration balancer. Become a smooth use of the machine. Making the large-scale balancing machine can not work in full range.

  The balancing machine is an instrument for testing and testing, which conforms to the mechanical model and the corresponding mathematical model for measuring the level of exciting force on both sides. The mechanical model is the theoretical basis of mechanical mechanics design. The mathematical model is the design basis of the electrical measurement system. There is also a crucial model in the actual manufacturing of the theoretical mathematical model of the sensor mechanics. This year with the introduction of new electrical measurement system, while the mechanical system for a new match. The working mode of the vibration velocity sensor is carefully studied, and its mechanical model is deduced. It has found that it has a high interference suppression index and has very reasonable measurement parameters.

  So we re-plan our own mechanical structure and detection mode, re-establish the corresponding mechanical model, from the experimental point of view to set our own measurement methods to produce a corresponding detection method of this method, used to detect the correctness of the mechanical model, Frame interference signal to noise ratio. Reestablishment of our own software math calculation model, by constantly measuring the data, changing the measurement structure, it really can meet the dynamic balance of the formula inside the required level of exciting force data. So that our measurement results with the foreign product vibration speed sensor operating mode is the same.

   Vibration speed sensor pendulum can not be directly changed to the piezoelectric sensor. Because the mechanical model is different, the mathematical model of the matching electrical measurement system is made up. Speed ​​sensor structure rack, directly after the piezoelectric sensor, found that each rotor should be calibrated. The balance of precision used to repair the industry is never satisfactory. The biggest difference is that the working range of the machine becomes smaller. Because the different sensors correspond to different gripping rigidity, the use of the speed sensor is the elastic deformation of the pendulum, the use of piezoelectric sensors is the force-type pendulum.

 Because some devices have not produced large companies, the market is now selling the quality of the device is used to support the quality of maintenance. For this reason forced us to improve our products, using the latest industrial computer chips.

  New technology has many advantages, while the difficulty of its technology development is relatively high. First, the requirements of theoretical and technical preparation are more specific and strict.

  2005 development of the HP05 51 series cpu, then the product is part of the software function to replace the hardware solution, improve the accuracy of the calculation.

   After three years of technology development, this time finally made a good performance of the new electrical measurement system. The new version of the measurement of the technical development of the box, using the latest industrial single-chip, from the technical level to give full play to the strengths of modern computer hardware, as far as possible in the computer internal balance machine to deal with digital analog signals. This circuit hardware and software structure, the most consistent with the mathematical technology model. In the signal input process strictly for sine wave correlation function operation. In the input digital signal circuit, has been removed all the digital circuit, the computer directly handle the reference signal, covering all the mechanical work rotation conditions. The test box increases the data of the sensor signal and the static balance value of the supporting point, and the sensor condition is displayed by this method to judge the best balance result of the fan. As much as possible for our customers more services, but also our product innovation.

  Our electronic measurement system software technology structure, all are self-compiled source code hex file. One of the liquid crystal display system is also the development of their own source code, compiled into a complete industrial microcontroller hex file system. This shows that we have a single chip system graphics software development capabilities. Has its own proprietary intellectual property rights. Do not use the factory with the basic operating software with the property description.

  Now more software technology products are based on computational models, programming techniques. Strict mathematical relations correspond to strict calculation results. Sampling, filtering high precision and high stability is also appropriate to filter the mathematical model after the establishment of the calculation.

  Our mathematical model of balancing machines can not learn abroad because our products are made for use by people. Products have low cost, low failure rate, but also easy to use, so from the beginning have to optimize the product structure. For this reason it looks like our rack is large and strong, while bringing more advantages - with a particularly large overload capacity. Customers can use our machines to be overdated.

  Now 32-bit cpu is the leading product, due to the increase in computing speed, memory and cache increased, to the complex computing provides ample environment margin.

  HP15 and HP16 main signal processing began using 32-bit cpu.


  HP-15 hard bearing balancing machine computer measuring instrument is a balancing machine dedicated computer: high reliability industrial computer chip circuit, 220vac power work, strong anti-interference, to adapt to unstable power conditions, for unstable speed can also be measured. It is the hardware processing analog signal at least the circuit structure. Two analog signals are used in synchronous sampling mode. Its pulse circuit hardware only one input buffer circuit. Software vector solution measurement data, graphics and digital display. A full 4-digit display of input parameters, static balance display, sensor output display, you can set the parameters of the data stability. Application of the latest computer technology, high-speed dynamic sampling, a comprehensive vector solution, a new hardware structure.

  With the latest 32-bit Cpu industrial computer chip, high-speed dynamic sin cos function weighted sampling, can be set parameters of the digital optimization of dynamic filtering.

  Using AC sampling, theoretically avoid zero interference.

  The reference signal uses the computer direct processing mode, so the phase-locked loop circuit beyond the limit of the speed range, can completely cover the mechanical operation can exist in the speed range.

  Solution mode flexibility, the user can self-calibration, you can also restore the factory calibration.

  Test results report card using sd card or tf card storage. 1,000 report records, and report records. Can be flexibly moved to the pc machine for direct report printing, no need to re-format, file format editing or not. As a result of txt file output, the phone can also see the contents of the report.


The formula of correcting plane separation with hard support

The correction plane separation is performed.


It should be noted that the constants appearing in the formula for correcting plane separation of hard support are all geometric dimensions, while in the case of soft support, besides geometric dimensions, there are mass and moment of inertia, and these values are not only for the rotor itself, but also for the parasitic mass.


The geometric dimension can be measured simply, but other quantities mentioned above cannot be measured simply. Therefore, when balancing, it is necessary to reset the correction plane separation circuit whenever the type of rotor changes.


Figure 3.7 geometric dimension between rotor bearing and correction plane


In the case of hard support, as long as the dimensions of a, B and C are measured and the correction plane separation circuit is placed, the setting is completed. In the case of soft support, the test weight must be applied on the rotor and the rotor must rotate, and the test results must be used according to certain steps


To set the constant of the separation circuit. Moreover, by the formula under the condition of soft support


It can be seen that even if the sensitivity (indicating the correction unbalance size [g] or [g · cm] corresponding to the scale) is changed, it is necessary to calibrate again under the rotating state of the rotor according to the test weight with known mass. The above operation of soft support balancing machine is called calibration operation. One of the biggest characteristics of hard support balancing machine is that it can set the calibration plane separation circuit without the above calibration operation. And the size of correction can be indicated by absolute quantity.





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