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HP-16 Electrical measuring instrument for Balancing machine

Manual for  HP-16 Measurement System for Balancing Machine

This is the simplest balance machine measuring instrument.

You can learn how to operate it in a short time.

After a long time, you will not forget its operation method.

This balancing machine can be operated at any level of Education
    single interface displays all contents and own all software and hardware intellectual property rights.
Realize fast measurement mode, more suitable for batch operation process.
Dual system hp-16 bl-16v
Hard support, soft support, vertical double-sided and single-sided balancing machine computer-based general LED display electrical measuring system

   HP-16 hard bearing balancing machine computer electrical measurement instrument is a balanced machine dedicated computer: high reliable industrial computer chip circuit, direct 220VAC power supply, strong anti-interference, adaptation to unstable power supply conditions, for the unstable speed can also be measured. Software vector solution measurement data, large font digital display. Overall 4 digit display input parameters, a key indicator of static balance, can be set parameters of the data stability.

  The measured data can be processed and processed after shutdown: the different parameters can be transformed, and the measured results are more consistent with the actual measurement results. The operator if you need other parameters of the solution results, you can enter the corresponding parameters, the corresponding calculation results. Once again change the calculation parameters, the same can be directly obtained after the change of the calculation results. No need to boot the measurement again.

  Automatic (or manual) memory while driving the engine shutdown function, customer self calibration function, recovery of the factory calibration function, sensor signal line fault judgment and indication function.

  The test results report and report single electronic document records, can be output to the SD card or TF card.

The characteristics:

1 computer measurement system in digital mode, can be directly read out the amount of weight (light) size (kg or G, Mg), phase (degree).

2 can store 99 rotors of A, B, C, R1, R2 input parameters, supporting the state, to increase the weight, the solution.

3 after the shutdown can be handled with good memory measurement data: after the car to re enter or modify the A, B, C, R2, R1 and other parameters of the support mode, the electric test box will automatically calculate the new separation results. For example: before the start of the balancing machine input parameters B, a, C, R1, R2, aggravating, to the heavy way, as well as the static couple calculation model, etc.. May also be able to memorize the data after the shutdown input, can also be modified at any time, electric measuring box will be at any time to change the output corresponding to the value of the imbalance.

4 automatically determine whether the measurement data is stable and effective. If the data is stable, the electric measuring box will automatically remember. Data memory can automatically drive the host shutdown.

5 power cut to retain the last memory of the data, that is: once again on the power to power, electric measuring box shows the last memory of the measurement data.

6 measuring system self checking function.

7. Sensor signal line automatic detection function: electric measuring box boot detection, and data memory state detection sensor -- when the signal line is open. Electrical measurement box measuring surface display digital "1" or "2" will have a lower stroke corresponding extinguished and buzzer sound. When the signal line is short, the other stroke goes out, and there will be buzzer alarm, to remind the operator of the measurement data is not available at this time.

8 automatic control system amplification, the operation is more efficient. Data stabilization function of the parameters can be set, especially for high precision measurement and ultra low speed measurement.

9 the operator can be calibrated in accordance with the procedures specified in order to meet the requirements of some special circumstances. If the calibration rotor is in poor condition or the result is not ideal, it can also restore the factory calibration status. Customers do not have to worry about their own machine error calibration.

10 HP-16 electrical measurement system using the latest industrial computer technology, high speed dynamic sampling, software filtering. High density sampling makes the measurement accuracy is higher, and the background noise can be greatly suppressed. Comprehensive vector solution, a new way of hardware structure.

11 using the computer to process the phase signal directly, with a wide range of speed, 80-2500 r / min.

12 test results of electronic records, report by the SD card or TF Card storage. Storage of 1000 copies of the TXT format of the report records, as well as report records. Can be flexibly moved to the PC machine direct print report.


 After one factory calibration, it meets the following requirements:

All signals of the balancing machine can be calculated: the amplitude frequency characteristics of the electric measuring box meet the following requirements

Display value changes less than required

The amplitude frequency characteristic of the soft support speed sensor signal is the first power of the angular frequency ω, v = K1 * ω

The amplitude frequency characteristic of the signal of the hard supported piezoelectricity sensor is the quadratic of the angular frequency ω, v = K2 * ω 2

The amplitude frequency characteristic of the signal of the hard support speed sensor is the third power of the angular frequency ω, v = K3 * ω 3

The phase frequency characteristics of the electric measuring box meet the following requirements: within the working speed range of the machine, the measured unbalanced amplitude of the electric measuring box changes little, and the displayed angle changes less than the requirements

It ensures that the balancer displays the same amount of unbalance (magnitude and angle) at different speeds without calibration.
Automatic detection of sensor signal line fault function
  In 2014 the company's HP-05 electric meter to increase the automatic detection of signal lines. This year's new HP16 electric meter still inherits this feature, but also to improve. Electric measuring box detection action is the electric measuring box own active action, do not rely on external control signal. Added boot function testing, and data memory state detection sensor -- when the signal line is open. Electrical measurement box measuring surface display digital "1" or "2" will have a lower stroke corresponding extinguished and buzzer sound. When the signal line is short, the other stroke goes out, and there will be buzzer alarm, to remind the operator of the measurement data is not available at this time.
  The results of the test data in the use of the dynamic balancing machine are reliable, which is the concern of every user. The equilibrium outcome of verification of a single method: the operator both respectively test again see whether the corresponding, used this method to verify the measurement results. In order to ensure the reliability of the measurement results in the mass production, the product test is conducted to ensure the quality of the process.
The detection principle of the general balance machine is through the detection of the two channel vibration signal to calculate, and the solution calculated for each processing surface specific unbalance value, and according to the value of process to heavy or heavier.
  Left display signal: Fl=f1+ (Af1-Cf2) /B
  On the right side of the display signal: Fr=f2- (Af1-Cf2) /B
  When balancing machine and one side of the sensor or the signal line when there is a fault, for example: f1=0 efferent corresponds to the vibration signal, only side of the signal, balancing machine measuring and displaying results will not complete display real rotor imbalance, and because one side signal solution to the other side of the signal,
  Left display signal:  Fl=-Cf2/B
  On the right side of the display signal: Fr=f2+Cf2/B
  It is not found that the sensor can not be found in the sensor by measuring the data at the time of balancing machine operation. Therefore, the automatic detection of sensor fault function is an important function of the balance machine!


Press the compound key to enter the following full vector solution mode
Bl-16 general purpose balancing machine computer electrical tester


Operation manual of Bl-16

Pressing the compound key will return to the ABC solution mode of hp16 hard support

This is a special computer about the balancing machine, which can process all kinds of working condition signals of the balancing machine. It can be calibrated as single-sided and double-sided measurement mode.

The core circuit of the electrical measuring box is that the 32-bit industrial single-chip microcomputer is used for direct high-speed AC full wave sampling, and the software sine wave correlation function filtering has good filtering and frequency tracking performance. Because of the wide tracking range, the electric measuring box only uses one speed range, which is convenient for users. In particular, the automatic bandwidth switching circuit is used to reasonably solve the contradiction between the rapidity and stability of the response of the electric measuring box, so that the electric measuring box has excellent low-speed performance. The speed indication of the electric box is 80-2500rpm

The electric measuring box can automatically memorize the measurement data under the set speed. When the power is turned on again, the electric box will automatically enter the next measurement. Record button. If the user needs to record the test results in written form, after pressing the "record" button, the electric test box will record the measurement data on the SD card (or TF Card) at this time, so as to record or print the test report permanently.



This machine adopts full vector solution, through the K-series array measured by the sensor, the vector calculates the above c-influence series array. The accuracy of the solution is closely related to the position of the measuring points of the two groups of sensors. The position of the signal taken corresponds to the maximum measurement difference of the weighting surface (solution surface) of the rotor. (that is, the mechanical structure determines the measurement signal separation).
Phase calculation range 360 degrees
Due to the full vector operation, there is no limit in the calculation of the separation degree. In other words, the normal separation calculation can be made by replacing the left and right sensor lines on the balancing machine.
The result of calibration is determined by the way of calibration, and the result of weighted calibration shows the extra quantity. The process balance is carried out by removing the unbalanced quantity.

The electric measuring box can be transformed into a process balance of 180 degree weighting at any time after the completion of measurement.

Mathematical calculation of calibration process of bl-15 General balancing machine computer electrical measuring instrument

Input M1 measurement value and angle, measurement value V1 (VL1 on the left, VR1 on the right)

Input M2 value and angle of secondary test weight m2, measurement value V2 (VL2 on the left, VR2 on the right)

Calibration quality factor DP1 = | V1 / vl0% | the percentage ratio of standard quantity to initial quantity

DP2 = | V2 / vr0% | when it is less than 30%, it is considered that the calibration is insufficient.

Vector calculation formula


The stored parameters of each rotor are 11 values:
C11 ]11 C12 ]12 dp1 dp2 C21 ]21 C22 ]22 n

The calibration is completed and exits the calibration status.
Display result of instrument: (vector calculation result)




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