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Special rotor balance process

METERS for Balancer




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 YFW-300 Balancing machine

Balancing machines for fan

Down load: Manual of balancer type YFW300

Work Diameter:  1500mm  

Mass of workpieces: 300 KG

HP-16 Electrical measuring instrument for Balancing machine

The instrument is a dedicated computer for balance machine, as long as you store a good measurement data, the customer needs what data, you can enter different parameters, the results of different calculations. The calculation parameters can be changed at any time, and the calculated results can be obtained directly.
You can first enter the parameter a, b, c, r1, r2, aggravating, to the heavy way, as well as static even solving model, and so on. Can also be after the input, can also be modified at any time, electric measuring box will be at any time to change the output value.

YFW-500 Balancing machine

1. Rotor mass range: 10-500kg
2. Maximum rotor diameter: Φ 1600mm

HP-15 Electrical measuring instrument for Balancing machine

    The single interface displays all the contents,

    All of its own hardware and software intellectual property rights.
   Computer software vector solution of measurement data, full interface digital and graphics display form.

         YYW -16000A  Balancing machine

 7000mm large diameter

Mass of workpieces: 16000 KG

Low-speed Balancing  : 60-1000 rpm

RYQ-5 soft-bearing high-precision balancing machine

The machine is not a simple replica of the old-fashioned soft-bearing balancing machine, from the mechanical structure and electrical measurement system has been completely redesigned. Mechanical durability greatly improved.




YFW-16000 Balancing machine

Balancing machines for fan

Work Diameter:  4000mm  

Mass of workpieces: 16000 KG

 YYQ-160 Balancing machine

Work Diameter:  900mm  

Mass of workpieces:100 

YFW - 3000 Type of fan impeller balancing machine

1 The rotor mass range: 50-3000 kg

2 The largest rotor diameter: diameter 2400 mm

3 Support shaft diameter: diameter of 15-120 mm

 YYW-30 Balancing machine

Work Diameter:  600mm  

Mass of workpieces:30 kg

RCD-100 The drive shaft balancer 

YYQ-160 Balancing machine

Work Diameter:  900mm  

 Mass of workpieces:100 

Download YFW-16000
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·End drive balancer YFW-3000
Universal Balancer YFW-300
Special rotor balance process YYW-30
Vibration spectrum analysis YYQ-160
·Vibration analyzer RYQ-5
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